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Search Engine Marketing Client Expectations

Search engine marketing client expectations?

While this may seem a bit startling, I do have expectations of my clients I consider the fact that my work for you has to meet your expectations, and in order for me to help you, I need to form a working partnership with you and your team. This also helps when unexpected events happen, and helps prevent costly mistakes.

  • 1. Do not expect a guarantee
  • - Some (few) Search Engine Optimization specialists will offer to guarantee rankings on the search engines. What they do not tell you is the ranking is on over fifty (50) possible keyword terms they select. The professional way I guarantee nothing but your satisfaction. I work with you to target two (2) sets of keyword terms per page, consisting of one (1), or two (2) keywords. How does this benefit you? By targeting your traffic and not sending you "tire kickers" with a set of 50 or 100 keywords, and driving up your bandwidth usage
  • 2. Do Not Pick SEO By Price
  • The highest priced search engine optimization specialist is not the best and the cheapest way to go is often a trick to rob you of your money. Sem-Advance abides by the SEO Code of Ethics. SEM is not a one and done plan, in order to maximize your return on investment you must plan a long term search strategy

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  • 3. Do Not Pick SEO By Rank - Though I try my best to build this site optimized fully, like the contractor who builds homes, owners tend to leave their own till last. My peers and I, will focus on our clients more than ourselves. Also the SEM SEO field is highly competitive, and we all know there are only ten (10) spots on googles front page
  • Just because an SEM Firm doesn't rank well for all related keywords, does not mean they are not good. Look for proof of their results!! All of the SEM Professionals I know, have them and prominently displayed for all to review.
  • 4. Your SEM Is Not A Miracle Worker - They are however your partner.
  • An SEM with the experience, will learn your business, if they are not well versed on it. They will make changes to your website, they might change your pretty navigation bar to an ugly set of text links, maybe they'll make you get rid of all that flash, they'll even change your content and the way it looks. Listen, Look, and Learn, they are doing this for a good reason, to make your site as search engine optimized and user friendly as possible.

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  • 5. Do Not Expect Overnight Success - Don't call your SEM a week after he is finished.
  • Submission does not equate automatic indexing, it may take three (3) months or more before your website is indexed by the search engines or directories. With that said, I usually find my clients ranking within three (3) to four (4) weeks by the faster larger search engines.
  • 6. Traffic Is Not Always The Goal
  • Your site needs to be easy to navigate, the copy needs to be exciting and draw the surfer through out your website, site structure flows easily, a nice presentation, which must have content added at least daily for most websites. These items are your job, not those of your SEM team. Your SEM should work with you to accomplish these things if they are not done.

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  • 7. Don't Assume The Campaign Ends With Submission - Your website is not a one and done proposal.
  • Your site needs to change and evolve. What do your logs and stats tell you. Are your visitors mainly from search engines, bookmarked in a surfers browser, or do they enter the site name in the url address bar? What pages did they like? What keywords did they use. Take this information and expand your site working with your SEO.
  • 8. Do Not Undo Their Work
  • This one is a favorite of mine. While working with a client in the past, there were numerous design changes made to pages I had optimized for While the company noticed considerable advances in all of the major engines except google, it wasn't till nearly three months later and all design changes finished that they started to rank on googles frontpage as well. Making design changes is good, destroying your SEOs work is not.

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  • 9. Your SEM Will Need Access To Your Server
  • Your SEM will need to access the pages on your server, one to copy them to his computer, where he can then do the edits and when completed,  to place the optimized page back onto your web server. For myself I like to work in a live environment and will publish changed pages to the clients server for approval before publishing. Most times an FTP user account will suffice.
  • 10. .Read My SEM Blog
  • Learn as much as you can about the major search engines and how their changes / updates can effect your business. SEM is a vital aspect of your business, if you don't know how to do it, find someone who can, the return on your investment will be well worth the effort.

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