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Ranking Relevancy - On Page Factors

Search engine ranking relevancy is an important factor in search engine marketing campaigns. One of the main areas of a webpage optimization is keyword frequency, and place on the page. Search engines will check to see if the search keywords or keyword terms, appear near the top of a web page, such as in the headline or in the first few paragraphs of text.

Keyword Relevancy

The search engines assume that any page relevant to the topic will mention those keywords right from the beginning. Frequency is another major factor in how search engine determine ranking relevancy and weighting applied to a page. A search engine will analyze how often keywords, or keyword terms appear in relation to other words on your web page. Those with a higher frequency are often deemed more relevant than other web pages. Also remember that stuffing with to many keywords can be seen as spam.

Ranking Relevancy - Off Page Factors

Off the page features have been incorporated into search ranking relevancy, such things as inclusion to directories DMOZ, Google, and Yahoo will do more to boost your page rank than reciprocal links. Traffic to a website, as well as click through rates are now used to stop the tactics webmasters and un-ethical SEO's will attempt to undermine ranking.

Keyword Ranking Relevancy

Even server set up and your directory structure are used to rank your website for relevancy. Always remember that search engines are looking for what you do for your users, or the users of clients websites. They filter out the tricks that some unethical Search Engine Optimization Specialists will attempt. Try and always go for content presented well and with ranking relevancy in mind.

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