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Search Engine Optimization. Natural Search Results.

Over 85% of the traffic on most Web sites is directed from one of the many search engines. With my professional SEO service, your site will be found on the top pages of Google , Msn, and Yahoo as well as most other search engines and directories. After an finial analysis of your website I will help you determine which engines will benefit your business best. Sem-Advance helps your website get noticed.

Keyword Research Analysis

I start all campaigns with analysis of keywords on your site, as well as those of your competitors, and the search engines as well, to ensure your site is optimized with the keywords and keyword terms which draw the appropriate traffic for your business. Many search engines rank sites on the number of times a keyword is used. My analysis will help you choose the effective keywords for your website in order to obtain an even better ranking!

I compare your website with your competitors, and discover the density of the keywords from those websites on the front page natural search results listings to help improve your ability to rank on the front pages of the search engines

Header Tag Optimization

Meta Tag Generation

Your visitors may never see your meta tags, but the search engines do. I analyze your site and generate meta tags that will help people find you in all the popular search engines. One of the tools I use describes your Web pages to search engines and generates the meta tags for you, to match the search query, which helps customers find your website!

Search Engine Submission Robots Text File

Directory Submission

I do not submit websites to the search engines. I do submit websites to directories as this will get a website crawled and indexed quicker than search engine submission. A search engine submission to a search engine once is enough to ensure your site gets listed. Once a site is submitted and listed there is no need to resubmit unless there were reasons of necessity to do so.. I manage that process for you, with automation and manual hand submission. I also build a robots text file giving the robots directions on how to crawl your website. The spiders love this and it is a needed piece of the puzzle to obtain front page results.

Search Engine Positioning Report

You receive a positioning report initially before optimization begins, then via e-mail each week after optimization showing exactly on which search engines your Website is listed. This is essential information for tracking your search engine marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization Fine Tuning Honing

After obtaining results I will go back into the page and make adjustments where needed to obtain better results. This a natural step in any search engine optimization campaign and a question you should ask any SEO consultant you are considering.




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