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Search Engine Optimization Tips.

What are keywords? Why are they so important? Keywords are the lifeblood to e-business and a considerable treasure among web based companies. Where a keyword was once known as a single word based search, new information such as this user poll from shows that most search is done with two keywords by 32.58% of internet users, while three keyword search terms are used by 25% of surfers. Use the keyword suggestion tool at Instant Position, for your website needs.

Optimized Content

Why is content important? The search engines use content to determine ranking relevancy. Any reputable search engine optimization campaign will include addition of new, updated, or changed content to your webpages, The search engines also look for new, added fresh content to ensure that the website is still relevant. Content should be between 300 and 750 words on a page. Anything over amount that should be broken up into multiple pages. Websites with over 50 pages usually fare the best in search engine ranking and results returned.

Title Tag

Your page title tag should be between seven (7) and twelve (12) words. These seven (7) to twelve (12) words should also be the same or close to the same as your meta keywords and meta description tags,. Also use them in the top three of the image alt text tags.

Meta Tags

Meta Keywords The spiders can only read so many characters here. Keep them to between 7 and 48 words.

Meta DescriptionAgain the spiders only read so much in this tag. Keep it between 12 and 24 words.

Image Alt Tags

This is one area of search engine optimization often over looked but should not be. Image alt text allows speech to text reader applications to read to their vision impaired users. This is what is known as user optimization, which is truely what SEO is supposed to be.


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